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Section 1 - Rules

Q. Why isn't player-killing (PK) allowed? Will it ever be legal?

A. The subject of legalising PK has been discussed several times, and for the foreseeable future, it will remain illegal. However, there is a good chance that it may become legal someday once more people are playing on AlexMUD. Right now, there just aren't enough players to introduce PK, since PK tends to create cliques which would hinder grouping as a whole.

Section 2 - Information

Q. Does AlexMUD have its own website?

A. AlexMUD web pages can be accessed at: (Obviously, since you are here...;-)

Section 3 - Game Play

Q. Why isn't there a bank?

A. AlexMUD tries to stick to its theme as closely as possible. Quite simply, the idea of a bank does not fit into this theme. In addition, the entire idea becomes highly complicated with multiple towns and cities.

Q. Why isn't there a donation room?

A. In a sense there already is. Players often leave items at the Temple Altar in Ardenfall for other players to use. However, there is not and will not be a donation command. Whereas this might seem helpful, it is stretching the limits of fantasy to the extreme to have items suddenly whisked away and placed in a certain location. In addition, experience has shown that donation rooms tend to become filled with useless junk.

Q. Why not have the date added next to the title of messages on the board?

A. This is a good suggestion, but it does have one drawback. As the board becomes full, people tend to just remove the oldest messages when there is a date attached, as opposed to reading them first and then removing the ones no longer appropriate. Since adding a date doesn't really serve a purpose other than deciding which posts to remove, it was decided not to add the date.

Q. Are there any plans to add clans?

A. No. Right now, we don't feel that clans would add anything to the game that players cannot do themselves. Clans are usually associated with PK MUDs, and PK is illegal on AlexMUD.

Q. Why do I need a boat when I am levitating?

A. Levitating enables you to move up and down when in "air". It does not allow horizontal movement, unless you are moving a very short distance, ie, from "air" to "land". Remember, levitating is not the same as flying!

Q. Why do I still lose mana if I typo when casting the locate object spell?

A. This is unfortunate, but there is very little that can be done. The problem, so-to-speak, is that the game doesn't know if you are making a typo or trying to locate an object that is currently not in the game.

Q. I am a mage. Why can I not see how powerful my spells are?

A. The answer to this is really a question. What scale are you using to determine how good they are? There is no measuring point as such for spells, except by comparing against other spell casters. A lot of mages and clerics will do this amongst themselves, but the idea of a Guildmaster telling you how powerful your fireball is without seeing you cast one (which would probably destroy both of you) is not realistic.

Q. If I am not wielding a weapon, why can I not hold two things?

A. Good question, and we'll take the easy way out. The chances are that you are already holding a lightsource and probably a shield too. It's a good question and something that will be addressed in the future. For now you'll have to continue along with how it's been for the past 6+ years.

Q. Why can't Bram recharge wands and staves?

A. This is a good suggestion, however we feel that this would create an imbalance in the realm. Besides, who's to say that Bram even knows how to recharge them?

Q. Why isn't there a reply command?

A. Whereas the idea seems fine, it also has a major drawback in that you have no control over who you are replying to. If more than one person is talking toyou, or even if you are having a conversation with one person when another suddenly sends you a tell, you can end up sending your reply to the wrong person. Therefore it has been decided not to implement this idea.

Section 4 - Commands

Q. Where's autoflee, autosplit, autoassist, etc.?

A. The administrators of AlexMUD accept that these and other automatic actions would probably make life easier for the players. However, we also believe that a MUD is for people to roleplay, socialise and have fun, not to turn on their computer, boot up their client, and then go to work while a machine plays the game for them. The moment your machine makes a decision for you, then you have defeated the whole purpose of mudding.

Q. Is it possible to get sacrifice to accept the all. prefix?

A. Yes it is possible, but for now it won't happen. The reason is to avoid any accidents that something like 'all.sword' might allow.

Q. How about adding a 'finger' command?

A. This just does not fit into the theme of AlexMUD, and will never be added. If you want to learn about a player, try meeting them and talking with them; try role-playing with the person while you're grouped with them. You'll soon find that you don't need a 'finger' command to tell you who the person is, because you will already know much more than the person could ever write in a finger description.