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Warrior shieldThis is the class of powerful and violent magic, but since the magic user doesn't work directly under the watching eye of his or her god, he/she therefore cannot bless and such. You can initially gain your spells by reading your spell books, as well as any you might find along the way.

Initially, the road a mage must travel is long and tedious, and they must overcome many trials of their abilities on the way. A mage with limited abilities will find themselves easy prey for the more unscrupulous people they will come across. Hence, a mage who wishes to live a long time should forge alliances with those of a stronger physical nature than themselves. In the end, the mage will have the last laugh; for no fighter can match their power once they have achieved their ultimate goal.

Magic users are strongly urged to wear light, non-metallic clothing on their body. The effects produced by casting when covered in plate-mail can be quite devastating. Small objects, such as rings and bracelets are of no danger; in fact, a mage will often carry much power in these trinkets.