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The Townhall Minutes
February 2001

Suddenly there is an almighty BANG! accompanied by a huge cloud of smoke. As the smoke clears you see Miko emerging from the chaos.

Miko clears his throat.
Miko says 'Good morning'
Miko says 'It is 10 o'clock am, on the Day of the Sun.'

Dream says 'Just to quickly recap.'
Dream says 'Please make sure all actions are off. You'll not need to eat or drink, so don't worry about that.'
Dream says 'Comments and input are welcome, but let's keep courtesy for the current speaker in mind and keep the spam-speak to a minimum ;)'
Dream bows before Miko.

Miko smiles happily.
Miko says 'Ok, well thank you all for coming, those that have made it'
Miko says 'These meetings will be held as needed (probably about every two weeks)'
Miko says 'This is your chance to address issues that you feel are important to you as players'
Miko says 'and for us to answer questions, suggestions, etc., as best we can.'
Miko says 'so, without further ado, who would like to begin?'

Tayken says 'I had a question.'
Tayken says 'Why is it that not all the older areas are not in the game as of yet?'

Miko nods.
Miko says 'thank you for the question.'
Miko says 'let me follow up with one of my own; are there specific areas that you are referring to?'

Tayken says 'WW, Pyramids. somthing along those lines.'
Tjalve nods at Tayken.
Mevman nods.

Miko nods.
Miko says 'Ok, well let's start with Wight Warrens'
Miko says 'essentially, the area would be highly dangerous for even the most accomplished players at the moment'
Miko says 'however, it is on the "working" list.'
Miko says 'I am going to try and add at least 2 new/old areas each month'
Miko says 'as time permits; some months you might get more, depending upon how hard our creators work :)'
Miko says 'The Pyramids and Jungle were omitted originally because someone was going to be extending it significantly'
Miko says 'However, that is not going to happen, so they will go on the working list.'
Miko says 'Expect to see the Jungle before the Pyramid'
Miko says 'the original Pyramid needs some work to fit the new system.'
Miko says 'and, just so you know, we will be seeing some brand new areas in the next few weeks'
Miko says 'did that sufficiently answer the question, Tayken?'

Tayken says 'Yep.'
Tayken thanks Miko heartily.

Sincha says 'Could I ask about Haunted House, as we're on this topic.'

Miko says 'HH is like WW, VERY dangerous'

Sincha nods at Miko.

Miko says 'Mevman, you were next'

Mevman says 'is there any way to free up the money supply a bit..including increasing brams view of the rent now?'

Sincha raises his hand on this topic.

Miko says 'Bram does pay a little more than before'
Miko says 'that change was made a few days ago'

Mevman says 'ahh'

Miko says 'However, don't expect any of the shops to pay high prices'
Miko says 'instead we will be adjusting the treasure found on the more
dangerous mobs'

Mevman nods.

Miko says 'I will be interested to hear opinions on the Black Orc area over the next few days'
Miko says 'Sincha, you had a follow up?'
Miko puffs on his pipe.

Sincha says 'This is almost two qeustions in one.....'
Sincha says 'With regards to money'
Sincha says 'The cost of repairing items is, errr rather high. It cost me 270 gold yesterday to fix 2 items. With this repair cost and rent and other costs, the amount of money seems to be low.'
Sincha says 'So Are reapirs going to stay this high a cost? and if so, will the money suppoly be upped in accordance?'

Dream coughs loudly.

Miko says 'Dream, you have a comment?'

Dream says 'Let's answer that with a question.'
Dream says 'I think we are all more or less in agreement that, until recently, money was extremely easy to amass in great amounts, right?'
Dream raises his eyebrows in question.
Dream peers intently at Sincha.
Dream peers intently at Zeed.

Tayken nods.
Zeed chuckles politely.
Zeed says 'not easy...but possible'

Dream says 'This was noted by the staff.'

Sincha says 'yes, until the shops got full up of equipment, and now just before the changes, it slowed down quite a bit.'

Tayken mutters somthing about the "rich" guys.

Dream says 'We strive to make a balanced game, where nothing is too plentiful and nothing was too hard.'
Dream says 'In the old days, having the "good" eq was offset by how much it cost to rent'

Cerretano nods.

Dream says 'We do not have that limitation anymore. So the new balance is that REPAIRING said eq can be quite expensive.'
Dream says 'This is not to say that current rates and money-supplies are set in stone.'
Dream says 'Balance is an on-going thing. It takes constant tweaking to arrive at.'

Mevman says 'the shops filling with equipment effects both the rich and the poor here even the poor cant sell stuff very well *apologises for the interuption*'

Cerretano nods.
Tjalve nods at Mevman.

Miko nods.
Miko says 'Actually, that should change a little'

Dream says 'The code behind the "economy" of the world is constantly going to be evolving.'
Dream says 'That personally is an interest of mine, as I want to eventually introduce new elements to the game that require a complex and balanced game economy to function right ;)'

Tayken says 'New area, New items they will buy?'

Dream says 'More than that.'
Dream says 'But I'll leave that to Miko'

Miko smiles happily.
Miko says 'Code was recently added so that the general townsfolk will also purchase items from the shops'

Sincha nods.
Tayken smiles happily.
Tjalve says 'wow'
Sincha raises his hand again on a different subject.

Miko says 'this will help trim the shop lists from time to times'
Miko says 'but it will also mean that those items that appear only occasionally may not stay around either'
Miko says 'Mevman, you had a comment?'

Mevman says 'no that was great thanks'

Miko says 'any other comments on this topic?'
Miko says 'ok'

Miko says 'SIncha, next question?'

Sincha says 'Ok... this is rather highly-debated topic already.......spell/prayerbooks'
Sincha says 'I was lying in bed, and did some math this morning......'
Sincha says 'there's about 150 spells/prayers..... 10 levels in each. Say you mud everyday, and get 5 books per day. About 1 book in 10 (if that) is needed once you hit a certain 'level'.'
Sincha says 'So the math shows you should have to collect around 15000 books over about 4-5 real life years to collect them all.'
Sincha says 'This issue is sensative I know, but I personally think it should be increased some. Any comments? =)'

Dream says 'You want more books needed?'
Dream raises his eyebrows in question.

Sincha says 'I mean Book 'pop' increased.'

Miko chuckles politely.
Miko says 'Consider one thing'

Zeed says 'or areas that only pop level 3+ books'
Mevman has a follow up questions also

Miko says 'You can (now) increase the level in a spell through usage'
Miko says 'please also consider that the system was designed so that characters are playable for 4-8 real-life years'

Sincha says 'But to older players, this is not a great help as we have had so many inc's and they slow down dramatically.'
Sincha nods at Miko.

Miko nods.
Miko says 'Diggory, a comment?'

Sincha says 'Yes, I understand that.'
Cerretano raises his hand.

Diggory says 'Have you seen how many books are already in the game? if you thought Bram's was a confusing place to shop before...'
Diggory says 'pop reate is NOT the answer.'

Sincha says 'But things like certain spells. Cleric s have few offensive prayers, and a higher variety couldn't do any damage? =)'
Sincha says 'Well, maybe the shops shouldn't buy more than 2 of each book?'

Dream says 'That is an idea.'

Miko says 'actually, something like that already exists'

Sincha says 'I must admit the amount of books in the stores is rather... extensive.'

Tayken says 'How about just a "book shop."'

Miko says 'Dream, a comment?'

Dream says 'A few things.'
Dream says '1, there are currently 644 books in the game.'
Dream smiles happily.
Dream says '2:'
Dream says 'We are constantly looking to expand the classes and make them more interesting.'
Dream says 'This will almost certainly include adding more spells.'
Dream says 'Especially for clerics, since, if Miko will give me a bit of leeway, I am thinking we will be making spell selection a bit different for clerics.'
Dream beams a smile at Miko.

Miko says '(and consider that tougher areas = higher tier spells)'

Tayken raises his hand on the subject of clerics.
Mevman raises his hand also

Dream says 'If you'll note the two OOC posts on the board about clerics'
Dream says 'It will give you something of an idea of where we are going with them.'

Miko says 'Cerretano, a comment?'

Cerretano nods.
Cerretano says 'Unfortunately, it's slightly off-topic of the direction the conversation has gone'
Cerretano says 'I'll address it later. Just come back to me'
Cerretano smiles happily.

Miko nods.
Miko says 'Tayken?'

Tayken says 'I really do like those descs about clerics deitie's, but if you cast 3 or 4 times it compeletly takes up the buffer. Its really alot of spam when in battle.'

Miko says 'hold that thought'
Miko says 'and we'll come back to it, OK?'
Miko says 'Mevman?'

Mevman says 'maybe its just my impression, but cleric books seem to pop more then mage books...'
Mevman says 'thats my question I guess'
Mevman smiles happily.

Sincha has a comment for mevman on this topic.

Miko chuckles politely.
Miko says 'Actually it's totally random'
Miko says 'there's a 50% chance of either type popping'
Miko says 'sometimes it seems skewed'
Miko says 'remember the old 'You lost your concentration!' system?'
Miko says 'How you'd go hours without losing concentration, then lose it 5 times in a row?'

Sincha mutters something under his breath.
Sincha nods.

Miko says 'all about the roll of the dice'
Miko shrugs helplessly.

Mevman thanks Miko heartily.

Dream says 'Having said that.'
Dream says 'Yes, we set you to always get priest books, Mevman.'
Dream has a weird grin on his face.

Miko snickers softly.
Mevman grins evilly at Dream.
Sincha throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Tayken grins evilly.

Miko says 'ok'
Miko says 'Let me summarise a little on this'
Miko says 'For books, there seems to be an over abundance of tier 1 books'
Miko says 'this is skewed because the areas are low-tier areas'
Miko says 'as tougher areas are implemented, and other areas tweaked, you'll see more higher tier books "pop"'
Miko says '(and as more higher tier spells are implemented, too)'
Miko says 'as for the multiple levels in the spells, the increase through usage should help'
Miko says 'and our QuestMaster is aware that he can create books for quest "rewards"'

Dream says 'Our Questmaster has, on several occasions ;)'

Sincha raises his hand.

Miko says 'yes Sincha?'

Sincha says 'I heard it may be possible to learn a spell/prayer that is not of your chosen school, and would normally be prohibited from learning normally, is there any news on this?'

Miko says 'ah'
Miko says 'that is a long-term issue'
Miko says 'for those reaching the Arch-Mage and Patriarch-type power in their profession'
Miko says 'it is so that theoretically, there is never an "end" to how powerful a caster can become'

Sincha nods.
Sincha says 'And the question of being able to 'forget' spells/prayers that you have read by accident?'
Sincha nods at Miko.
Sincha drools down his front.

Miko says 'of course that will take a number of years of playing :)'
Miko says 'ok, as for forgetting spells'
Miko says 'this is being looked at, and we are trying to find the best, logical way to implement this'

Sincha nods at Miko.
Zeed raises his hand
Tayken has a question about spells/prayers.
Sincha nods.
Mevman nods.

Sincha says 'it is a tough issue to resolve.'

Miko says 'for now'
Miko says 'if anyone is in this situation, I suggest you pray a lot to your chosen deity'
Miko says 'maybe he or she will smile upon you and have you perform a task for this'

Sincha nods at Miko.
Sincha says 'Cool, thanks.'

Diggory says 'Reyhan doesn't care for you casting that Summon Demon spell.'

Miko says 'Tayken?'

Tayken says 'Ok figure you get a spell to level 10. Then will it still agian additional damage as you increase it?'

Miko giggles.
Miko says 'no'
Miko says 'but consider that getting to level 10 will be a number of years of achievement'

Tayken nods.

Miko says 'as you've noticed, increasing levels becomes harder with each one'
Miko says 'one would hope you would use other spells :)'
Miko says 'Zeed?'

Zeed thanks Miko heartily.
Zeed says 'just one question please'
Zeed says 'does dying prolong the time taken to reach the Arch-Mage and Patriarch-type power in casters professions?'

Miko grins evilly.
Miko says 'It can, yes'

Tayken chuckles politely.

Zeed sighs loudly.
Zeed says 'how much does it affect it?'

Miko says 'it is possible to lose a level in a spell if you die'
Miko says '(and in theory, an entire spell)'

Mevman says 'could you explain in general the advancement, level algorithm?'

Miko says 'as it is also possible to lose some knowledge in a skill'

Dream says 'It should be noted that this is still MUCH less of a loss than there was in the old exp system.'

Sincha nods at Dream.

Miko nods.
Miko says 'you might lose a couple of understanding points'
Miko says 'which can lead to losing a level'
Miko says '(spell level)'
Miko says 'the apt word is "might"'

Zeed nods.
Mevman nods.

Dream says 'So'
Dream says 'If you were planning to, say, become a dragon slayer'
Dream says 'You might want to be VERY careful.'

Tayken grins evilly.
Zeed grins evilly at Dream.

Miko says 'the penalties of death are wide'
Miko says 'but they don't hit every time, or even 10% of the time'

Zeed says 'thanks'
Zeed raises his hand
Zeed blinks his eyes innocently.

Miko says 'any other comments on this subject, before we adress others that have been raised?'

Zeed says 'how do you know when you have reached such a high power in your profession?'

Miko says 'ah, you mean the "title"-type level?'

Zeed says 'dono?'

Miko says 'as in being recognised as an Arch-Mage ?'

Zeed says 'yes...i guess'

Miko says 'there are no such things as titles any more as you know'
Miko says 'however, recognition comes from the inhabitants of the world'
Miko says 'or in other words, while you are a long way from being an Arch-Mage'

Sincha raises his hand on a slightly different subject.

Dream says 'ie - You'll all know who the true badasses are, just from adventuring with them.'
Dream says 'Sorry, Miko.'
Dream bows deeply.

Sincha nods at Dream.

Miko says 'you might be recognised as a Mage-advisor to the council or Ardenfall if you render your services'

Zeed nods.

Dream says 'Or, if I might interject, actually become part of the council itself.'

Zeed says 'that would be an honour....'

Miko says 'and warriors giving help to the army, might receive a commission'
Miko nods at Dream.

Dream says 'This was built-in as a possibility.'

Miko says 'I have a list of folks that have other subjects related or not'
Miko says 'Let's try and address some of those before we go much further'
Miko says 'Tayken raised the issue of the long casting messages'

Miko says 'what we suggest is that you email suggestions for shorter versions to be used in combat'
Miko says 'we will try to address that as quickly as we can'

Tayken nods.

Miko says 'but it is nice to know the messages are appreciated'
Miko gives Dream a round of applause.

Dream smiles happily.
Dream says 'Yes, it is.'

Diggory says 'in the meantime, try a smaller font size and a bigger monitor.'

Sincha says 'I like them on my screen, but nmessages from others are slightly spammy.'

Miko says 'Mevman asked about the level algorithm'
Miko says 'Mevman, would you care to elaborate on the question?'

Mevman says 'well I guess the questions reflect that were a bit muddled on what advancement ..etc really is...there has been rumors that there is really a 'hidden' level counter or points or somesuch..and how it relates to death'

Miko says 'ah'
Miko says 'no there isn't'

Mevman nods.
Mevman smiles happily.

Miko says 'the only hidden factor is the NEWBIE flag'
Miko says 'which is removed upon reaching a set minimum in skills and/or spells'
Miko says 'eg (and this isn't how it is, just an example)'
Miko says 'a mage learning his 6th spell would no longer be a newbie'
Miko says 'etc.'

Mevman nods.

Tayken raises his hand.

Miko says 'Tayken?'

Tayken says 'About the so called "levels"'
Tayken says 'How is it that you will suddenly gain hps after a fight?'
Tayken says 'after the mod is dead: from 100% to 98%.'
Tayken says 'er mob.'

Miko smiles happily.
Miko says 'good question'
Miko says 'As there are no levels, increases in health was something that was worked on for a while'
Miko says 'your "health" is related to your defensive skills'
Miko says 'therefore, if you gain knowledge in defensive skills, you can gain "health" as well'

Tayken nods.

Sincha says 'So magic-users are much less likely to gain HP's?'

Miko says 'exactly'

Sincha nods at Miko.

Miko says 'ok, Cerretano, you had another topic?'

Cerretano nods.
Cerretano says 'What is being done by administration (and others) to attract new players?'

Miko says 'good question'
Miko says 'Actually, we're not actively doing so, and there's a reason for that'
Miko says 'We typically get 10 new players a day'
Miko says 'unfortunately, for half of them, there is no one on when they log on'
Miko says 'for the rest, most quit when they see 5 people'
Miko says 'and we occasioanlly get a "keeper"'
Miko says 'the best way to advertise is word of mouht'
Miko says 'bring a friend with you, etc.'
Miko says 'that way we slowly gain more people so that when new folk log on, there are more folks on to greet them'

Cerretano says 'Right'
Cerretano nods at Miko.
Cerretano thanks Miko heartily.

Tayken raises his hand.

Miko says 'Tayken?'

Tayken says 'first of all I would like to say I like the way you guys are trying to hold on to newbies.'
Tayken says 'with the Quit yes'
Tayken says 'and free rent'
Tayken says 'But often enough I see mortals helping newbies.'
Tayken says 'But rairly see an immo do the same thing, somtimes rp is the best thing to snag a player.'

Miko nods.
Miko says 'good point'
Miko says 'I know Everest tries to RP with newbies when he's here'

Tayken says 'The first thing that happened when I started here was dreams quest with the princess and getting her ring.'
Tayken nods at Miko.

Miko says 'I too willtry and help a newbie, but only if I know I have 15 minutes to work with them'
Miko says 'logging on from work makes that impossible a lot of the time unfortunately'
Miko sighs loudly.

Tayken nods.
Cerretano nods.
Mevman nods.
Sincha helps when he see's them.

Diggory says 'Many times we don't help because we have work. :) rl interrupts.'

Tayken nods.
Zeed nods.

Dream says 'Or are otherwise short for time.'

Miko says 'You should realise that all the admin here are not exactly spring chickens :)'
Miko says 'most of us have mudded for close to as old as alex is'

Sincha giggles.

Diggory says 'Or working on improving the game.'

Tayken says 'Im just saying, thats how I got into the game was Dreams helping me out and questing me.'

Sincha says 'I stayed as someone helped me out alot and gave me quite a few pointers, basically just a mort-help.'

Miko nods.
Miko says 'good point'
Miko says 'btw, 2 things before we go further'
Miko says '1) I only have about 30 more minutes'
Miko says '2) There is a HELPER flag for folks who want to be alerted when a newbie enters'
Miko says 'is there anyone here who doesn't have that flag that wants it?'

Dream says 'It is a good point'
Dream says '(Sorry, phone)'
Dream says 'I would like to interject as well.'

Tayken nods.
Tayken says 'Angel has such a flag'
Tayken says 'Me'
Sincha says 'Larnine doesn't have it.'
Tayken says 'This char doesnt have it.'
Mevman raises his hand for a helper flag
Artan raises his hand for the same purpose.

Tayken says 'Well I have addressed every question I have so that should make this go quicker.'

Miko smiles happily.

Dream says 'Firstly.'
Dream says 'Going back to when I started in 1993. The thing that kept me on was how much ppl helped me.'
Dream says 'And the fact that they noticed me at all.'
Dream says 'It also helped that one of my friends played here.'
Dream says 'Those three factors cannot be stressed enough.'
Dream says 'Just taking notice of a newbie, is a huge step towards keeping them.'
Dream says 'Helping them (as many do) is another.'
Dream says 'But your point is well taken, Tayken.'
Dream says 'I will make it a priority to try and run more newbie-oriented events.'

Tayken nods at Dream.
Miko nods at Dream.

Artan says 'I remember my first day in Alex very well, and the reason I stayed here...'
Artan says 'Someone helped me and roleplayed well ;)'

Dream nods at Artan.

Zeed raises his hand

Miko says 'Zeed, you had a question?'

Zeed says 'sorry ot now...thanks'

Miko says 'new topic Zeed?'

Zeed nods.

Miko says 'ok'

Zeed apologises to Miko.

Miko says 'DIggory has a comment with regard to some world stuff'

Diggory says 'We were talking earlier about new areas.'
Diggory says 'Just a thought about that is that we have 2 new areas in the game that haven't been explored at all in the last week.'
Diggory says 'They're harder areas, but if you want that better eq, you'll have to go there.'
Diggory says 'And, you'll have to group.'

Miko says 'consider also that there are hidden things in both areas'
Miko says 'ie, things that might not be obvious'

Diggory nods at Miko.

Tayken says 'That seems to be the trend in areas.'

Artan raises his hand.
Artan says 'Just want to say that if you see, that some new areas are not found at all, maybe RP a bit and spread a rumour about those areas?'
Artan says '..just minor hints..'

Tayken says 'Was refurring to Dig's mad-hard quest.'
Tayken chuckles politely.

Diggory says 'it's not that hard.'
Diggory says 'use your brain'

Tayken nods.

Miko says 'no it isn't'
Miko says 'but it's not meant to be solved in a week either necessarily'
Miko says 'no fun otherwise :)'
Miko says 'Cerratano, another topic?'

Cerretano nods.
Cerretano says 'Two questions, both fairly brief'
Cerretano says 'Earlier, you mentioned that the RL 'life span' for a character is 4-8 years'
Cerretano says 'I think that's a bit high, considering the MUD has only been open 10 years total'
Cerretano says 'Part of AlexMUD's influx of new characters has always been'
Cerretano says 'existing characters making new ones'

Miko says 'ok'
Miko says 'but the idea is to allow those that want to really put a lot of time into their characters to do so'

Cerretano says 'Right...'

Miko says 'especially casters'
Miko says 'oh, and there's nothing to say they wont die first'
Miko says 'the world is a dangerous place'

Cerretano nods.
Cerretano says 'Good point'

Dream says 'That's die as in, permanently, I believe ;)'

Cerretano nods at Dream.
Miko nods at Dream.

Tayken says 'I heard romours on the test port about age being a factor in death, will this be impd?'
Tayken apologises profusely.

Miko nods at Tayken.
Miko says 'lets just say that you're more likely to die the older you get'

Tayken nods.

Dream says 'In fact'
Dream says 'You will all die on your 21st birthdays.'

Artan beams a smile at Dream.
Cerretano gasps in astonishment.
Cerretano giggles.
Tayken throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Zeed chuckles politely.
Mevman grins evilly.

Miko says 'next question?'

Cerretano says 'The festival coming up in March. Do we have any rough estimate on attendance? And what is the purpose of it?'

Miko says 'Dream, perhaps yopu would like to talk about the anniversary'

Dream says 'Well, this is all our baby, but, okay.'
Dream says 'We're planning a huge load of quests, scavenger hunts, events, etc for that weekend.'
Dream says 'As close to constant events, round the clock as our meagre staff can support.'
Dream says 'We are also inviting every old player we can get ahold of to attend.'
Dream says 'The idea being that you current players will work with the old ones. Enter the events together, show them around.'
Dream says 'Maybe pique their interest in the game a bit, as well as have fun ;)'
Dream says 'We are also inviting non-oldies.'

Dream says 'You may or may not have noticed that every major mud-related site has an announcement of the event on it.'
Dream says 'Check out the front page of Mudconnector.'

Cerretano says 'Is it okay to invite people that have never played before, or is it not a good time for newbies?'

Dream says 'No, this is the PERFECT time for newbies.'
Dream says 'If you know of a page, bbs, web-board, whatever.'
Dream says 'Where mudding is discussed. Feel free to post word of the event there, or let us know and we will post.'
Dream says 'We're going to pull out all the stops to make this as big and interesting as possible.'
Dream says 'Including a couple of (hopeful) surprise guests.'
Dream says 'Some of whom I am sure most mudders would want to meet.'

Cerretano says 'Do we have to remain in character for the entire event, or...?'

Dream says 'We are more or less loosening the levels of RP a bit.'
Dream says 'For the weekend.'

Cerretano nods.

Dream says 'To allow for events like the scavenger hunt, etc.'
Dream says 'We may also be doing some interesting things with areas for the weekend.'
Dream says 'Possibly.'

Cerretano nods.
Cerretano smiles happily.
Cerretano says 'I think that answers all my questions. Thanks!'
Cerretano thanks Dream heartily.

Miko says 'please continue, Dream'

Dream says 'A few last things on that.'
Dream says 'If you know of old players of Alex. Please email them about this.'
Dream says 'If you know of people who you've been contemplating dragging onto here to introduce them for the first time....'
Dream says 'This will be the weekend to do it.'
Dream says 'We are HOPING for a huge turnout.'
Dream says 'And lastly.'
Dream says 'We will need ALL of your help to make the weekend a success.'

Cerretano smiles happily.
Artan smiles broadly.
Artan says 'Of course..'
Cerretano nods.

Dream says 'Alot will depend on the current players being open, helpful, friendly, and enthusiastic.'
Dream says 'If you've ever complained to yourself or others about the lack of players here right now (as we all have, at least once)'
Dream says 'THAT will be the time to fix things.'
Dream says 'And who knows, we may even reward those who go to great lengths to be useful during the weekend.'
Dream smiles happily.
Dream says 'But more on that as the time draws nearer.'

Zeed nods.
Cerretano smiles happily.
Cerretano nods.
Miko grins evilly.
Dream sits down on the horsehide chair.

Miko says 'Anyone else have a topic?'

Cerretano shakes his head.
Tayken shakes his head.
Artan peers around 'Looks like nope..'
Cerretano smiles happily.
Mevman thanks Dream, Miko and Diggory for the hard work on the mud in general, and for the town meeting that has been very helpful
Miko smiles happily.
Cerretano nods at Mevman.
Artan beams a smile at Mevman.
Dream beams a smile at Mevman.
Zeed shakes his head.

Miko says 'We will meet again in two weeks (or at least try)'
Miko says 'perhaps next time we'll have folk submit topics in advance'