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Driders are abominations created by the Drow. Being transformed into a drider is a punishment which involves the transformation of the lower torso into the body of a spider, complete with 8 legs. Most driders are mages. This is due to the way Drow society behaves: a Priestess who invoked the wrath of her goddess would simply be executed for the crime would have been a heinous one or otherwise she would have done nothing wrong; warriors would simply be slain as they would serve no use as a drider; thieves would be slain simply because they existed; mages on the other hand have powerful spells to aid the rest of society.

Driders are usually found some distance from the drow cities themselves. Occasionally expedition parties may choose to take a drider with them but due to their size this is a rare occurrence.
Drow ("Dark Elves")
Drow are distant cousins to the surface dwelling elves. Very distant. Their appearance is similar except that drow live far underground and their skin is ebony coloured. Many drow have innate abilities that enable them to levitate, and produce globes of magical darkness that not even their own infravision can penetrate. Most drow worship the spider-queen goddess Lloth (or Lolth). The females of the race hold the power, with the males being relegated to nothing more than soldiers and fathers. Their society is very family orientated, in that "houses" are found consisting of one matron mother, priestesses (her daughters), one mage noble and one warrior noble (her sons), one weaponsmaster (her current husband) and many soldiers. However, family only goes so far. The drow are a treacherous race and won't have a second thought about dispatching one of their own family to further their own ambitions.
Ettins are one of the Giant-Kin races. They are very tall (10-12 feet) and have two heads--and two distinct personalities--one of which is usually intelligent and handsome, the other stupid and ugly.
Flinds are similar to gnolls, but shorter, broader and more muscular. Their bodies are covered in short, dirty, brown and red fur.
Gnolls are tall, hyena-like humanoids.
Golems ("Clay Golems" "Flesh Golems" "Iron Golems" "Stone Golems")
Golems are magical creatures created by very powerful wizards. They are created with the purpose of completing a specific task, or tasks. They have no intelligence, and mindlessly obey their master to perform the task at hand. For example, a golem set the task of "travel due east until you reach the City of Zantharx" will do precisely that. It will walk over the edge of a cliff, through lakes, swamps, oceans, deserts and anything else in its path. If Zantharx does not lie due east from the starting point, theoretically the golem would continually travel around the world.

Because of this powerful magical nature, golems are immune to all magic. They are also impervious to all simple physical attacks. Individually, the following plus factors are needed to damage a golem with a weapon attack:
Clay Golems Blunt +1 Pierce +3 Slash +3
Flesh Golems Blunt +1 Pierce +1 Slash +1
Iron Golems Blunt +3 Pierce +3 Slash +3
Stone Golem Blunt +2 Pierce +2 Slash +2
The definition of a Half-Orc varies, but on the whole it is a term used to describe anyone who has Orcish blood in their family line. With this blood diluted through the generations, most of this race closely resemble pure humans, though on the whole they are well-built yet lithe, and far from a pretty sight, with grey-green pock-marked skin and snub noses. Half-Orcs are, on the whole, shunned by most other races, especially the Orcs and Humans that spawned them, and this may be partly responsible for their natural feral aggression and distrusting attitude.
Illithids ("Mindflayers")
These creatures are particularly nasty. Their heads are especially bulbous and have 4 tentacles that flail around trying to attach themselves to the mindflayers opponent to suck out his/her/its brain. Their skin is purple, a colour they have a particular liking for and they employ a kind of psionic blast to render their opponents stunned or even unconscious. Aside from this, they are humanoid in appearance.
Umber Hulks
Umber Hulks are powerful predators, usually found underground. Their claws are so strong that they are able them to tunnel through solid stone! Standing around 8 feet tall, their thick, scaly hides cover bulging muscles. The head is attached right to the body--they have no necks to speak of--and the maw is filled with sharp, triangular teeth, capable of biting through virtually anything but stone, which their claws take care of. They have four eyes, spread at even intervals across the forehead. Umber Hulks are usually black, although it becomes more of a yellowish gray on their bellies.
Wargs ("WOLVES" "DIRE WOLVES" "Winter Wolves")
Wolves are active and cunning carnivores, capable of surviving in nearly every climate known. Although the colour of their fur varies from species to species based on the climate in which they dwell, all wolves have some features in common. They are all characterised by powerful jaws and teeth, bushy tails, and round pupils. In many respects, wolves greatly resemble domesticated dogs.

Dire wolves are for all intents and purposes an ancestor of the more typical wolf. Apart from being generally large in size, they are very similar to their descendants.

Wargs (or Worgs) are also descended from the dire wolves, but at some point in their lineage were possibly interbred with a humanoid species, for they have attained a certain degree of intelligence as well as a tendency toward evil. Wargs speak a primitive language and are as large as ponies.

Winter Wolves are the most dangerous of the wolf species. They are exceptionally large and incredibly vicious. Fortunately, they are encountered very rarely, primarily due to the freezing terrain which they usually inhabit. From a distance they are quite beautiful, with glistening white or silver fur.
There are numerous types of lycanthopes: wererats, werebears, etc. Each is distinct from the others with the exception of their common bond of lycanthropy. Lycanthropes can be dangerous foes since they cannot be hurt with weapons of less than +1 magic, unless the weapon is made of silver.
The wolften are an organised society, occasionally found in smallish pockets in the realm. Cousins to the wolf, they resemble a hairy man with a wolf-like face. They are also offshoots of the dire wolves, although their lineage is also heavily linked to humans. However, unlike their cousins the wargs, the wolften have evolved to walk on two legs.

Surprisingly, despite their aggressive nature, the wolften are usually content to remain within their own boundaries. Their civilisations contain some human-like features, notably roads, but generally they use the natural surroundings to their advantage. They will occasionally trade with nearby towns but will rarely go to war. Many believe they are also related to the hyena-like gnolls, which would explain their preference to consume neighbouring villages once they are abandoned rather than to take them forcefully.