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AC and Weapons

AC (armour class) is a figure used to describe how protected your body is against physical attacks. The better your AC the less damage that will be inflicted against you. Weapons come in various types: pierce, stab, pound, crush, hit, slash, cleave.


When you make your character, you will be asked to choose an alignment, good, neutral, or evil. If you choose to be good, you must do exactly that of having a good mind. Good aligned players kill only evil mobs. If a player kills a neutral or good aligned mob (innocents), then their mind will become more evil. Villagers from towns are usually good and you will receive a stiff penalty for killing them. You may become an outlaw and will not be able to rent or buy supplies from the town. You may also be sentenced to death, depending on the circumstances.

You can check if a mob is innocent by typing "con <mobs name>" If there is nothing about affecting your alignment, then it's OK to kill them. Killing innocent good/neutral mobs will result in you becoming evil, unless the mob attacks you first. Any mob that attacks you will not affect your alignment since you are simply defending yourself. Killing evil mobs will NOT result in you becoming good unless your true alignment is also good. Please see help confess for more information on this topic.

Food, Water and Resting

As mentioned above your health/mana/stamina are not always as high as you could wish. When you are low on one or more of these you'll have to wait for them to raise. If you rest, these numbers will rise slightly faster. You can also sleep which would allow you to regenerate the fastest, although you will be unable to see who is in the room, which can be a slight disadvantage. Eating and drinking is necessary in order to survive. You can fill up containers by finding a well or fountain. If you wanted to fill your waterskin from a fountain, for example, you would simply type "pour fountain waterskin" to fill it up.

If you are becoming thirsty it will tell you your throat is becoming parched. You will want to take a drink to prevent becoming thirsty. If you do become thirsty, you will not regen as fast, in fact you will hardly at all. If you abstain from drinking for a long period of time, you could die from thirst. Eating also goes along the same lines as drinking. You must eat in order to survive. When your stomach rumbles, you will want to get something to eat. You should have a few things of food at all times everywhere you go.

Health, Mana and Stamina

If you type score (or just sc) you'll be given a small status report. When you first enter the game you may want to type "display all". This will show in order, your health percent, mana percent, and stamina percent. The numbers are percentages and are not actual figures.

HEALTH: When you are fighting you'll suffer health loss each time your opponent hits you or casts a spell on you.

MANA: When you cast a spell it'll cost mana - how much depends on the spell. The higher level the spell, usually the greater cost of mana it will take to cast it.

STAMINA: Stamina determines how tired you are. It takes less stamina if you are walking around flat areas, vice versa on hill tops.

Kills and Consider

Before every fight, you may want to consider a mob. This command will tell you if you are more or less experienced than the mob you wish to battle. To consider a kobold for example, simply type "con kobold", and you will receive a message on what your chances are. If you want to kill the mob, then type "kill <mobs name>". You also may also see a message if the mob will affect your alignment. This usually means the mob is innocent.

If you choose to kill an innocent, you have to type "slay <mobs name>". Note: If you kill an innocent mob you may receive certain penalties. Please see Alignment on more information on this.