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The Alex Herald - The Free Adventurer's Leisuretime Companion
Edition: September 2000

Council News

Hear Ye, Hear Ye,

The Council of Ardenia announces the resumption of negotiations between itself and representatives of the Dwarven Alliance based in Duur-Halla. The Council hopes that trade between the two peoples can begin again once more once certain outstanding issues have been resolved.

Military News

Attention, good citizens of the Realm, The Ardenian Army, at the request of the Council, recently undertook a mission to assist the local Lumberjack Guild in ridding the Forest of Haon-Dor of some of the more vile creatures that live within. While the mission has been deemed a success, and most of the larger threats have been exterminated, it should be noted that the forest is still home to some creatures who are very protective of their territory. Although the Army is wary of leaving the matter unfinished, priests and priestesses of the goddess Virjoth insist that that natural course of things should not be unbalanced too greatly.

Other News

Various folk of the adventuring persuasion have reported sightings of hobgoblins in the hills below the Midcrest Mountains. While most sightings have been peaceful, a few skirmishes have been reported. Travellers should be especially careful in this region until more detailed reports have been gathered.