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The Alex Herald - The Free Adventurer's Leisuretime Companion
Edition: May 2001

Council News

Hear Ye, Hear Ye,

The Council of Ardenfall has taken note of the increased number of so-called adventurers within the city. While the Council appreciates their efforts to push back the forces of darkness and make the land of Ardenia safer, it reminds all adventurers that any attacks on citizens of the land will be punished swiftly and unmercifully. The city patrol and guard forces have instructions to throw all miscreants into gaol.

On a happier note, the Council is pleased to announce that the mining operations west of Haon-Dor proceed apace, with much valuable ore being brought from the ground. While the miners have been harassed by Duergar attacks, so far the Royal Priests have kept this threat in check.

Military News

The Army has discovered the possible means by which the dreaded Hill Giants have been circumventing Watchtower. Another passage has been found branching off from the trail up the mountain. Following this trail, one passes near where a fearsome Yeti is said to live, but by avoiding him one can continue westwards and southwards into the Plains of Strife. At present, the Army lacks the manpower to patrol this new path, so travelers are warned to be on their guard.

Adventurer News

* Twice now a band of mighty heroes have fought and seemingly defeated the dread Uvakshatra, whose curse lingers over the Kelt-Wyn Moors. Despite these great deeds, the area remains extremely dangerous to the unwary or the unprepared.

* A small group of risk-loving adventurers slew the Beholder of Thalos, but travelers report that another such creature has already taken up residence in the ruined temple of that desolate city.

* Whispered rumours suggest that northeast of Duur-Halla lies a series of caves opening onto a frozen river of ice. The rumours also speak of undead horrors awaiting those foolish enough to disturb them. . . .

* A pioneering farmer and his family, who settled north and west of Ardenfall, have not been heard from in months. The Council hopes that no disaster has befallen them.

* A powerful Illithid is searching for a magical bracelet that was stolen from him recently. Asked for a comment on this matter, Bram the Wizard said, "I haven't got it and if I did I would give it back!"