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The Alex Herald - The Free Adventurer's Leisuretime Companion
Edition: February 2001

Council News

Hear Ye, Hear Ye,

The Council of Ardenia announces that due to the increased dangers posed by Hill Giants and Bandits, it will pay 2 gold per Giant head, or 5 silver per Bandit head, to anyone presenting such trophies at the Town Hall on Stonekeep Avenue.

Military News

Attention, good citizens of the Realm,

The City of Ardenfall itself was attacked by a small but potent raiding party of Hill Giants, led by a newly-seen creature called a Verbeeg. How these beings circumvented Watchtower remains a mystery at this time. A group of adventurers joined with an Army patrol to destroy the beasts, but at the cost of many deaths.

The Army will send additional patrols into the Midcrest range to attempt to keep the Giants from surprising Ardenfall again. However, this will deplete the number of men available for other duties.

Other News

  • Adventurers exploring the moors northeast of Haon-Dor forest report the area overrun with undead warriors who appear to congregate near a ruined fortification. The area is said to be highly dangerous and should be avoided by inexperienced parties.

  • In addition, travelers in Haon-Dor itself have complained of increased Warg and Spider attacks. The Army is unable to conduct another sweep at present and thus warns citizens of Ardenfall to avoid the forest unless well-armed.

  • Several would-be heroes of the Realm recently lost their lives battling fearsome foes, including the Sorceress of Midcrest and the Beholder of Thalos. The Council reminds everyone that such beings are extremely dangerous and are more than capable of dispatching their attackers.