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The Alex Herald - The Free Adventurer's Leisuretime Companion
Edition: March 2001

Council News

Hear Ye, Hear Ye,

The Council of Ardenfall is pleased to announce the expansion of Ardenia to encompass the valuable iron mines west of Haon-Dor. The area, formerly occupied by the reclusive Wolften, was peacefully annexed with absolutely no military intervention required. The mines may be reached by taking the roads south of

Ardenfall or Hamlet, then heading west and eventually north until the mining village is reached. The Council reminds all citizens that the mines are the property of Ardenia, and any attacks on the miners will be met with swift reprisals.

* In related news, advance scouts report a strange valley, accessible via a cliff south of the swamps near the miens, populated by hideous owl-bear hybrids.

Military News

The Army is pleased to announce the opening of the Ardenfall-Greendale road once again. Passage to this village, well east of the city, is possible once more. However, the Army must warn that careless travelers may stumble upon the ruins of Ulmark First-King's castle, now a derelict inhabited by many strange and dangerous creatures.

Other News

* Whispered tales from heroic adventurers indicate that an old passage deep in Midcrest Mountain leads to a series of warrens and burrows. Therein reside fearsome Cave Wights, Ur-Viles, and perhaps even more fearsome beasts, if the wildest rumors can be believed.

* Bram the Wizard makes the following announcement: "In response to complaints from my most valuable customers -- that is, those calling themselves adventurers -- I will no longer sell advanced spellbooks to non-adventurers. I will continue to provide the finest books, potions, wands, and other magical paraphernalia at fair prices."